The Future is Here. EnergyQuest™ meets ENERGY STAR® 6.0 requirements today.

Building products that contribute to the energy-use optimization of a home are rated and can be compared based on the amount of energy they can save homeowners. ENERGY STAR® qualified windows, doors, and skylights can reduce energy bills up to 15 percent over non-rated products while helping to reduce the impact on the environment.
To reach higher levels of performance and energy savings, ENERGY STAR continues to evolve. ENERGY STAR 6.0 requires a 0.27 U-factor or less in the Northern U.S. climate zone. 
When used in a triple-pane configuration with argon gas-fill, high-performance warm edge spacer systems (Duralite™ or Super Spacer®)  and Low-e coatings, windows and doors made with EnergyQuest exceed today’s ENERGY STAR® U-factor and SHGC requirements – and tomorrow’s.  
Performance Defined.
The rate of heat transfer in a window or door system is called the U-factor – the lower the number, the better the system will perform. Windows and doors are also rated based on solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), which is the amount of solar radiation allowed through the window. In warmer climates, solar heat gain can warm air conditioned indoor space causing energy inefficiencies.
Complete your journey to ENERGY STAR® 6.0 requirements with EnergyQuest vinyl windows and patio doors. Contact us today.